Optimistic Relaying Process

Simple guide for Builders wanting to use Optimistic Relaying

h/t to our friends at ultrasound relay for devising the Optimistic Relaying process.


  • Promoting a builder pubkey to Optimistic is a manual process - please reach out to us to have this enabled.

  • Optimistic relaying will only happen if your builder pubkeys are promoted by us and the associated collateral is greater than the bid value.

  • Following a demotion, Optimistic relaying will be manually re-enabled only once the underlying root cause has been identified and addressed.

  • Please reach out to us to link multiple pubkeys to the same Builder ID


  • Collateral must be posted to titanrelay.eth from your primary builder fee recipient address.

  • Maximum collateral per pubkey is currently 64 ETH for optimistic v1 and 32 ETH for optimistic v2 (subject to change).

  • If you would like to have your collateral returned and stop optimistic relaying please reach out to us.


  • If a proposer is the victim of an incident related to a bad bid they must be made whole by the Builder of the full bid value.

  • Builders are expected to send ETH directly to the proposers fee recipient address to make them whole within 24 hours of the incident occurring.

  • If proposers aren't made whole within 24 hours we may use the Builders' collateral to compensate the proposer directly.

  • We reserve the right to publish a public post-mortem of any incidents relating to bad bids.

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