Titan Relay

Titan operates an MEV-Boost compatible relay which can be found at the locations below:

These URLs use AWS geo-routing to find the best relay cluster to send to. We have found this can sometimes route requests to the wrong region, so we have also added specific geo-location URLs. You can drop these directly in place of regional.titanrelay.xyz or global.titanrelay.xyz in the above URLs.

Global URLs:

  • eu-global.titanrelay.xyz

  • us-global.titanrelay.xyz

  • tk-global.titanrelay.xyz

  • sg-global.titanrelay.xyz

Reigonal URLs:

  • eu-regional.titanrelay.xyz

  • us-regional.titanrelay.xyz

  • tk-regional.titanrelay.xyz

  • sg-regional.titanrelay.xyz

MEV-Boost Client Configuration

In order to include the Titan relay in your MEV boost configuration, simply append it to the list of relays in the command line arguments.

./mev-boost -mainnet -relay-check -relays <relay1>,<relay2>

Simply replace the placeholders <relay1> and <relay2> with the appropriate connection URL.

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